I’ve been home (home-home, not Savannah) for a few hours after a fantastic trip to New York to visit my best friend and Sunday, I got to meet up with Rose Wong!  If you’re not following her (though, I’m sure most of my followers are), you MUST!  She and my best friend, Caitlin, both attend Pratt in Brooklyn, NY!

She was so much fun and the three of us ate at Maggie Brown’s and I had mac ‘n cheese for the first time EVER, but I won’t be able to eat it ever again unless I go back there because it was amazing and nothing else will live up to it.

What even made my day was when she gave me a little gift!  It’s a drawing of me and it’s amazing how it looks exactly like me and you can tell immediately what sweater I’m wearing!  When I get back to Savannah it’s going immediately on my inspiration wall :)

I have more photos to post from New York, so this is only the beginning, and how could I not start with a post with Rose?  And I found one of the many Pratt cats!

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